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100% Instant Commission Paypal Affiliate Programs

While it's great to get paid your affiliate commissions, wouldn’t it be even better if you got them instantly when you made a sale… and got paid 100% commission?

With two great scripts, this is becoming a reality. The Rapid Action Profits Script and the $7 Script are both becoming quite popular with online sellers. They allow instant payouts, often at 100% commission.

How Do 100% Instant Commission Affiliate Programs Work?

Rather than the seller having to do affiliate payouts and you having to wait for your affiliate checks, the program automatically pays your commission directly into your Paypal account whenever a sale is made.

The commission system is often set up so that you are paid the full 100% commission on every other sale, essentially giving you a 50% commission on everything you sell. Lower price products sometimes give you 100% of all sales, but this isn’t a profitable as the higher ticket sales.

The products using these scripts range in price from $7 (hence the name, the $7 Script, although it can be used for other price points as well) into the hundreds of dollars. The higher ticket products tend to use the Rapid Action Profits Script as it is more advanced and offers more features.

Instant Commission Affiliate Programs Provide A Huge Advantage For Affiliates:

• You don’t have to worry about being paid – you’re paid instantly to your Paypal account

• You never have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to receive your affiliate commissions when you make the sale – when you make the money, you get the money

• You don’t have the hassle of keeping track of when you’re supposed to get your affiliate payouts – and then make sure they’re actually sent to you

The only real downside to instant commission affiliate programs is that you’ll need to have a refund policy in place since your commissions aren’t being held in case of refunds.

Where Can You Find 100% Commission Affiliate Products?

The best place to start would be a search engine to find out about the latest programs. Try searches such as “100% Commission” and “Rapid Action Profits Affiliate”.

There are many $7 Script products available, a quick search for “$7 Script” will show you that, but they are generally small payouts. If you find a worthwhile product, it’s still worth an email or review on your blog, but for even better profits, focus your search on products using the Rapid Action Profits Script.

The script costs a lot more for the seller to buy and install, so you can be sure they’re serious about their product and will likely provide great affiliate assistance in the form of professional promo material. This makes it easy and highly effective for you to sell.

Then you can just sit back and watch the money roll in – instantly!

By: Justin Michie

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

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